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1976exiles from zurich to hamburg for studies at the art academy (HfbK)
1979initial meeting with ROBERT FRIPP. starting to get involved with experimental music. the first synthesizer, a KORG MS 20! 
meeting with CONRAD SCHNITZLER, producing the first tracks under his supervision released on the compilation ‘DAS IST SCHEONHEIT’.
founding the band PALAIS SCHAUMBURG with HOLGER HILLER as a duo. recording the first 7" single 'ROTE LICHTER'.
1980expanding PALAIS SCHAUMBURG to a quartett. numerous concerts and recordings with PALAIS SCHAUMBURG .
1984after 3 albums and 6 singles and ca. 150 concerts in varying line ups PALAIS SCHAUMBURG disbands.
move to berlin.
1985start of solo project ´READY MADE´. first 12” released on RHYTHM KING.
first productions and remixes
1988founding the label ´TEUTONIC BEATS´ for new german electronic dance music.
taking part in the ´kunstdisco project´ by the goethe institute in seoul/korea during the summer olympics.
1989initial meeting with ALEX PATERSON. licensing the TEUTONIC BEATS label in the UK to EG/virgin.
producing MARATHON's 'MOVING´. reaches no12 in UK singles charts and no1 in dance charts.
1990start of the collaborative partnership with THE ORB, production of the first track ´OUTLANDS' for the first album.
first dj gigs.
1991ongoing partnership with MORITZ VON OSWALD.
producing half of BILLY MACKENZIE's album 'OUTERNATIONAL'.
collaborations with JUAN ATKINS, BLAKE BAXTER, EDDIE 'FLASHIN' FOWLKES from detroit for the tresor label .
contributing on two tracks for THE ORB’s album U.F.ORB.
it reached no1 in the UK album charts.
1993release of ´FFWD´, a collaborative album of THE ORB with ROBERT FRIPP. it reached no1 in the UK independent charts.
1994solo release ´FLOW EP´ on R&S.
producing seminal album ´ORBUS TERRARUM´ with THE ORB.
1995joining GUDRUN GUT´s OCEANCLUB weekly residency at TRESOR.
various remixes and productions for JUAN ATKINS, KLAUS SCHULZE, EINSTUERZENDE NEUBAUTEN etc.
producing ERASURE's album 'erasure'.
1997start of the weekly 2 hour OCEANCLUBRADIO-SHOW on ´radioeins´ in berlin.
OCEANCLUB events in various european countries.
the OCEANCLUB relocates to the WMF club.
1998solo album ´GOOD FRIDGE´ released on apollo / R&S
1999solo album ´OVERFLOW 99´ on apollo / R&S,
first release on the KOMPAKT label : kreisel no39 7“
first tour of japan with alex paterson
ongoing residency of the OCEANCLUB at WMF, berlin
2000first tour of china with alex paterson (10th orb aniversary)
contributions to compilations for the labels SCAPE, KOMPAKT and PLUG RESEARCH.
2001first 12” on KOMPAKT ´MAKING IT WHISTLE´
first solo live gig at an OCEANCLUB event in beijing, china.
2003start of the 'TOUR OF BLAH': china, japan, usa, europa,
MOVEMENT FESTIVAL in detroit etc.
continuous touring. DECIBEL festival in seattle etc.
album ´LOWFLOW´ on the PLUG RESEARCH label.
2005album ´OKIE DOKIE ITS THE ORB ON KOMPAKT´ after numerous 12”,
followed by a worldtour by THE ORB.
200612” ´EMO PACK´ solo release on KOMPAKT.
continuous touring solo and with THE ORB.
2007solo album ´HONIGPUMPE´ on KOMPAKT
touring the US, japan, south america, russia etc.
2008first movie score with THE ORB for the movie ´PLASTIC PLANET´ by WERNER BOOTE.
touring with THE ORB in japan and europe.
2009soundtrack for the documentary ´24HOURS BERLIN´ screened on
ARTE europewide in it´s full 24 hours length on sept. 5th 2009.
continued touring of europe and the US. COMMUNIKEY in boulder,
MUTEK in montreal. remixes for DEPECHE MODE and SIGUR ROS amongst others.
release of THE ORB album ´BAGHDAD BATTERIES´, touring in europe and japan.
2010release of the ‘24HOURS BERLIN’ soundtrack album as ´GUTE LUF´
playing various soloshows throughout the year, touring USA and japan. 
writing, producing and staging the 'TITAN ONE' piece in montreal with the montreal symphony orchestra based on MALERS first symphony commissioned by the city of montreal and KENT NAGANO.
2011release of the symphonic piece ‘TITAN ONE’ on kompakt.
producing the new sounddesign for the berlin radiostation RADIOEINS.
playing various shows with PALAIS SCHAUMBURG to celebrate the 30st anniversary of the release of the first album in germany, france, netherlands, japan.
2012THE ORB collaborating with LEE SCRATCH PERRY on the album ‘the ORBSERVER in the starhouse’.
touring europe and japan.
remixing juan atkins, popol vuh and gudrun gut.
expanded rerelease of PALAIS SCHAUMBURG'S first album.
2013remixing DEPECHE MODE 'heaven' ,
release of 'EYE/TREE' 12" on kompakt.
ambient concert at WASSERKIRCHE zuerich.
release of the second ORB/PERRY album 'MORE TALES FROM THE ORBSERVATORY' .
live gigs with THE ORB and LEE 'SCRATCH' PERRY'.
world tour with THE ORB to celebrate the 25th anniversary.
2014original contribution to POPAMBIENT 14 - 'TREATMENT'
ongoing 25th anniversary tour with THE ORB in australia, new zealand, USA, UK, china and more to come...
collaboration of THE ORB and JEAN MICHEL JARRE
selected sologigs in germany, italy, australia, new zealand, georgia etc
preparing a new 12" for kompakt.
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